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Thank You for visiting Creation Chips' Gallery.  Our Gallery or its' Textile Chip Design Examples are representational of functions and image products and image types that are primarily produced by Our Premier 'PBM Cutters' Action Set.  Some Gallery images are or will be representational of other of our image processing Action functions or their image products.  The images that are in Our Gallery are not as many as the variety of Image Layers that are on our Free Image Download Stack.


The designs in Our Gallery are more so classed as 'Point Geometric' Image Design Types and their sides reach up to only 'Nine Points'.  Our 'PBM Cutters' Action Set though is complete or it is completed and it will cut, measure and produce all 360 Geometric Point Types done professionally.


The designs that are in Our Gallery here are not optimized or sized for the best deep or detailed viewing.  Download Our Free Image Stack of unique 'one of a kind' images that are produced by Us and Our Image Processing Actions and view them in Adobe Photoshop where they will be optimized excellently and where you can and will see all of the detailed beauty that is set in them.  The Stack is and will be prepared to be processed by many or most of Our Action Processors.


There are approximately 1000 never seen or used before unique Image Designs and Types that are on the Free Image Download Stack and they can and may be used for many useful purposes.  Be prepared to download at least a one to two-gigabyte PSD Stacked Image File.


Again, Thank You for visiting Us. Enjoy Our Gallery and Our Free Image Stack and Please do come back to visit Us here from time to time because We do change out Our Gallery images so that you may freely download them at that time.



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UPDATED ON  10-01-2023

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