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  • 10/01/2023


    Creation Chip Art Collections


    Discover stunning collections of one-of-a-kind designs, now available for purchase across a wide range of products.  Explore our selection of apparel, elevate your home decor, or embellish your walls with captivating art – there's something for every style. You can also license these designs at


  • 10/23/2019


    New Movie Release




    Download Free at Michaelangelos.

  • 12/21/2017


    New Movie Release


    "Till The Clouds Roll By"




    Recently Adobe Photoshop published its' latest version Photoshop CC 2018. We have thoroughly tested all of Creation Chips' actions in this latest Photoshop version and all of Our actions work excellently as designed.



  • 8/26/2017


    New Movie Release






  • 7/21/2017


    On this date Creation Chip added Screen Chip and Screen Play Galleries.


  • 2/18/2017


    New Movie Release


    "Man With A Movie Camera"


    World's First Screen Play Movie



  • 11/02/2016


    Recently Adobe Photoshop published its' latest version on the date 11-02-2016. We have thoroughly tested all of Creation Chips' actions in this latest Photoshop version.  The [make]  code in the version has been corrected, and all of Creation Chips' actions work excellently as designed.  All may use this newest version Photoshop CC 2017 to process Our actions correctly with.  Again, do not use version Photoshop CC 2015.5 to process Creation Chip Actions with, the [make] code is flawed.



  • 6/20/2016


    On this date Adobe Photoshop published its' latest version, Photoshop CC 2015.5.  The 'New Version' of the program has a very serious code flaw or Malfunction in the program that effects the Actions Panel and the 'Automate/Batch' Panel of the program.


    The malfunction does obviously concern Us because it effects Creation Chips Actions and Our valued Clients and Customers.  Adobe have not, so far to date, yet announced anything concerning the Malfunction.  The Malfunction interferes with Our Actions processing correctly and exactly in the particular program.


    The particular malfunction exists only in the 'New' program version of Adobe Photoshop and it will effect mostly all of Creation Chip  Actions that are Free and those that are Purchased if and when they are 'played' or processed in the 'New' Versions' Actions Panel.


    Never use Creation Chip Actions in this version of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 to Action Process your image files with because the program will cause you many many headaches and that might possibly [make] you upset with Creation Chip and point us out to blame for the great mistake or flaw.  We are the first who found and located the malfunction.


    This surprising malfunction, in particular, [makes] the 'New' Photoshop version a poor, unprofessional and useless tool that is not qualified or worthy to do the correct and exact processing of our Most Excellent Actions.


    We have already respectfully contacted and notified Adobe of their 'Most Serious' kind of a malfunction, that it 'mainly or only' effects  Action Operator(s). Today, 7/2/2016 We patiently await their reply and more importantly We await the 'Sure Fix' solution to their own rush to publish before testing the program with Actions and Action Masters or those who know.


    In the meantime, if you are a 'Subscriber' to the  Adobe Creative Cloud then do not panic because you still have open access to download all or any of the latest or previous versions of Photoshop.  All previous Photoshop versions function correctly with all of Our Actions.  All of Our Actions have been tested and tried and proofed in all programs and they all function correctly and exactly as we designed them, and this is very important information or news to know and to have more knowledge and depth about.  Again, the code malfunction is very serious and We give the particular Photoshop Version the Grade of [F-] for its' Actions Panel Processing Efforts.


    To get and have a deeper and finer detailed understanding of this particular important and meaningful subject and event then read [Question 1] under the FAQs' [General] section.



About Us

  • Q1:  Who are you?  What do you do at Creation Chip or what is your purpose and goals?


    A:  We only like to be exactly what and who it is that we say that We are.  We are Image Processing Educators, Instructors and Justifiers or Master Action Builders and Designers.  We build, construct and manipulate command code using it to process Opaque Pixelated Image Selections.  We always do Our best proofs to verify to back up the Quality of that We claim and describe to the potential buyers and clients of our products.  There is nothing that We know of that is Close Similar to Us or to what We do to compare Us with.  We offer through our website a 'Free Seed' of Our Actions and Our Actions are the same as a refined production line for all or anyone who uses them in Adobe Photoshop.


    This kind of Image Processing Studio constructed and developed by Us has never been done or offered to anyone in any type application or program or way like Ours ever before.  We build 'Real Image Processing Actions that [make], add, multiply and 'produce' real unique 'one of a kind' visual products.  We refine the raw single step tools and code commands in Photoshop.  More so, We refine the programs code commands by ordering and recording them properly so that they all cooperate and come together and be A Completed Function or Process that can and will [make] a professional high quality finished product.


    We standardize Most of Our Actions so that they will function for everyone the same and process any opaque image sizes and selections.  We utilize all Panels and their commands in Photoshop as an accessory and input tool to build Actions that have numerous moves or steps in code commands in them that do the processing and the refining.  The Action then is processing with raw code commands and thus also refining with the same commands.  By us doing these things Ordered with intelligence, knowledge and skill, "Now" the raw code commands will create and [make] for anyone, and who does not like everyone to [make]?


    At Creation Chip We also 'Restore' old dead Public Domain Movies.  We resurrect and bring back alive 'old black and white and color movies and put a beautiful unbelievable Visual Art effect on them like never ever done or seen before.


    We Build and Construct with intelligence and skill Our Actions, so that they may function the most correctly, excellently and safe for all.  When using Our Actions to process with you will always get professional quality and excellent effects or results.


    Our main purpose or goals is to make it Easy for 'Everyone' to be A Professional High-Skilled Designer who owns visual copyrights that are of the Best Quality.   We mean to accomplish this by giving away many of the tools that makes it really 'Be' possible, and the tools are Our Creation Chip Actions.



  • Q2:  Do you know of or are there other businesses that do what you do?


    A:  There is no other business that We know of that do what We do nor is there any that understand what it is that We do.  No one can explain, help or instruct with any kind of certainty about Our Actions or how to build them.  Nor do they understand the produced products or how they are made or of how to begin correctly at the manipulation of them or of whatever important precautions it is that always should be taken before using the particular Actions.  No one but Us can help and instruct you about processing with Creation Chip Actions and this does include all combined experts at Adobe Photoshop.


    Unfortunately, Adobe Photoshop in the past, has been considered to be just a Photograph Forging and Touch-Up Program and they have not yet gotten their proper respects for their Adobe Photoshop Product which is of Unknown High Quality.  Our Actions greatly enhance Photoshop, and Our Action Applications, when used inside of Photoshop, are just the same or similar as 'new one of a kind' copyright creators or they are used as original image producing applications or processors.  No one but Us, Creation Chip, has real true to the name Image Processors.



  • Q3:  What is it that make your business unique?


    A:  Many things.  We manifest and process before your eyes new one of a kind copyrightable images.  Access to these kind of images has been impossible, and before Us and Our type of images and products, almost none or 'None existed'.  The designs that Our Actions create or [make] are never haphazardly put together by Us and they all are constructed with an excellent meaningful purpose to be as perfect as can possibly be done in the Photoshop program.


    We deliver Actions that have A Real Substance and they produce the Best Effects and they have functions that take very many steps.  Our Actions build and construct new images and Perfectly Balanced Chip Types, which all can and will be 'one of a kind'.  All produced image designs are 'never seen before' valuable and rare visual copyrights the likes that cannot be found and they are of the highest quality that you can ever get or own.  Our type of Textile Chip Design is also the most versatile types that are possible.


    We also develop 'Schematics' or Balanced Code Boards that are meant to 'Arrange' any two Chip Designs into numerous different Pattern Layouts.  All of Our basic construction code, also being a valuable product, is also offered to you up front in each and every 'Action Pod' and it is Free there set in order to [make] use of forever on.  We give away A Truly Free Product of a very high value that always has in it a visual copyright producing worth and it will continually add and multiply or reproduce further on for you.  We are very unlike any business that you have ever encountered.



  • Q4:  Why do you sell most of your quality Action products for such low prices?


    A:  We have no other choice than that to get everyone started off right.  To get anyone started correctly requires us giving away 'Free' many of Our very valuable Actions so that they may easily obtain full possession of them and then educate themselves by using them and begin to learn the 'Special and Master' skills about the Action Tools and then have the skills to highly evolve in any kind of design field.


    There is not a '30 day free trial' period or any deactivation of Our 'Free Actions', they are anyones' to keep.  There are no strings attached for anyone to own Our Free Package.  Our Actions are very special quality tools that none else can or will serve you with unless they build or [make] them from Creation Chip Actions.



  • Q5:  Why do you give away so much valuable free products, and does not that hurt your business?


    A:  It is true that many Free Actions that we give away are some of the most valuable that we have.  Our Free Action Set package and Our Guide Manual are done in  depth and they are meant to get anyone started off with Our Actions and for them to get started with the Adobe Photoshop Program much easier and faster than in any other way than ever before.


    Our Actions over all is a Complete and Unified System having many parts that are just the same as the commands and tools in Photoshop and them all working as a unit together where all are connected and related like a family.


    In Our Free Package are the Original Creation Chip 'Main Folders' and they are holding the 'Free Action Sets' inside of them.  The Action Sets are of different code command categories or classifications and they represent parts of the Whole Action Processing 'Big Picture'.


    Understand 'a library' or understand Our Library as 'Our Main Folders' being used for storage and too understand that the Actions Panel itself is not built to hold all Actions in it nor is it the right place to store them all.  If too many Actions are loaded into the Actions Panel at one time the act can and will cause a 'Freeze' of the entire Photoshop program.  Read and Learn the Antidote or Remedy to the 'Freeze' before you start loading many Action Sets into the Actions Panel unknowingly when working with Our Actions because a program 'Freeze' can seem to be Very Serious and this can cause anyone to panic.


    Basically all of Our Actions that are packaged for 'Free' contain most of the basics that are needed to grow out the code and to expand it.  You do not necessarily have to purchase any other Actions from Us beyond that of the Free Package and it is extremely complicated to understand this.


    Following constructing the Free Package We do then go on to do other and even more complex refinements or evolutions of Our Basic Actions to make them to do more such as to multiply or to process upon Stacked Layers or We [make] the Action process upon any Image Size and Resolution.  We build the Actions to be easier and more efficient and more versatile when it is possible.  Most all of Our Actions are much a long evolution away in their transformations from their beginning early stages and there are Date Stamps on everything.


    The Evolved Packages, anyone can or may purchase and own.  Everyone and anyone when utilizing Our Actions can be the same as any big Hollywood Productions  Company or Studio who has highly professional tools and valuable resources needed to produce high quality visual copyrights.  Our business is not hurt by others having a piece of Our Chip or a piece of Our Actions.



  • Q6:  Are you affiliated or associated with Adobe Photoshop in any way?


    A:  No we are not.  Though, as you can see, we do utilize their best product and we do greatly boost their product and this is for the benefit of all their clients and Ours.



  • Q7:  Do you realize that your website is too real to be true?


    A:  Thank you.  Yes we do, but that's what our products do, they create things that are too good to be true, and it is about time that there finally is something that is too good to be true.  We do deliver and produce the highest quality image manipulation and Action Production Tools that there are, and Our Movies does baffle all of the critics.


    The image designs that can be created from Our Actions are endless and they will have a most excellent grade.  Our Action created images' beauty is greater than or at least equal to any great masterpiece being in the finest quality museums that are on the planet.  Every Image Frame that are in Creation Chips' Movies is a 'Masterpiece' or a 'Michaelangelos'.  We build Actions ultimately to [make] and multiply images and to enhance them beautifully and to do this always, We enhance everyones' visuals.




  • Q1:  What are Creation Chip Actions, what are they for and what do they do?


    A:  Creation Chip Actions are Image Processing Applications or Code Recipes that are built by Us in the Actions Panel utilizing code commands inside of  the Adobe Photoshop program and utilizing the Actions Panels' Recorder.  Most all code commands in the program are linked to the Actions Panel and the Actions Panel 'Plays' or processes code command 'Selections' in an order.


    No one knows but Us that the Actions Panel is an 'Image Processor' or it is an Image Processing Instrument or Unit that is and was meant to be the 'Heart' of the Photoshop program.  The Actions Panel 'Plays' upon and processes Drawn Active Selection Outlines or it processes on the opaque pixelations that are contained within the Active Selection Outlines, and who would have guessed or told about this?


    Inside of Photoshop every move that you make is called or considered a 'Selection' and the Actions Panel will record most of these.  The Actions Panel 'Plays' and or processes opaque image 'Selections'.


    The Actions Panel and the 'Automate/Batch' Panel cannot and will not function without 'Actions'.  Actions must be loaded into the Panels to process 'Selections' with.  In other words, 'The Actions Panel and the Batch Panel are useless and worthless if you do not have any Actions'.


    All Actions are built upon Photoshops' main menu code commands and the tools panel commands and other panel commands that are already being in the program.  None of Our Actions are built outside of the Adobe Photoshop program, all are internally built only, and they can be considered as a refinery of the raw one by one step code commands and tools being in Photoshop.  All of the moves that are made in Photoshop by users are commonly done one step at a time and there is not any done final unique finished produced item or product made from any of the programs' many one step code commands.


    In the past the Photoshop program has basically been well built and of high quality.  It is and was meant to be versatile and it is meant to be as a custom fitting for all and any users who have 'any' resolution and size image files or photographs or it is meant for those who want to [make] 'any' resolution and size image files.  Our Actions are also similar to this ideal model and they are built for an education and for learning all the Master Imaging Skills.  They add to and multiply many functions automatically and they are for saving enormous amounts of anyones time and they are also meant for memory or meant for always 'remembering' how to do some particular complicated construct or function or any construct or function all over again correctly and exactly every time.


    Creation Chips' Actions are made of dozens and hundreds and even thousands of ordered moves or steps, and some of Our Actions do these many steps just to create a single function or a single item.  Most of Our Actions will produce for you a 'Claimed and Described' Function or Product and give clear instructions to follow so that the job is done correctly to produce them.  Our Actions, when played or processed in Photoshop in the Actions Panel, are the same as many valuable applications or new program tool devices being inside of Photoshop that never have been there before and they have opened up a whole new Universe of possibilities.


    Creation Chip Actions can be used as a productions and processing assembly line to [make] and produce for you various fruits from your own opened image or photograph files.  Over all, Our Actions are set to Perfectly Balance in Beauty, and most all will add and multiply and produce unique 'one of a kind' images as like any galaxy of stars being on an orchestrated stage that is meant to be a production line.  All of the perfectly balanced images that are [made] by Our Design Actions will be 'one of a kind' and they are copyrightable by the owner of the Action who [make] them.



  • Q2:  Are your Actions complicated to use and how do they work?  Where do I start?


    A:  Our Actions are the same as 'Push Button' Applications to 'Play' and they are all operated by the Actions Panel and the 'Automate/Batch Panel' in Photoshop and the Actions are quite simple to operate.  Most all will require you to open an abstract image or an original image or photograph to draw and or to process upon, and many of the Actions will simply  [make] a product for you.  After opening a particular described image then follow Our easy instructions and then select the Action that you want to 'play' and then 'play' that Action Selection.  Our Well Constructed Standardized Actions always do the hard job and mathematics for you.


    You can start by downloading Our Free Package.  It has a Free Complete Guide and an Instructions Manual that is worth a fortune.  First Read the Guide Manual all the way through then begin to test Our Free Actions as the particular Action Set instruct you to do, and do these things often before you ever purchase any of  Our other Action Set Packages because We do not give refunds for Purchased Actions.  You do not necessarily need to read the guide manual before utilizing Our Actions but We suggest that you do go and read through our Guides' Introduction first.


    It is not that easy for anyone to get started on the right page towards using Our Actions if they do not know how to access the 'Build Mode' section of the Actions Panel inside of Photoshop.  For a more detailed instruction on how and where to start with Our Actions in the Actions Panel go to---[General, Question 17]



  • Q3:  Are your Actions similar to the Adobe Photoshops' Actions in the Photoshop program or any other Actions out there?


    A:  Our Actions are not in any way similar to Adobe Photoshops or anyones' Actions and We do not know of any other Action Family of Quality that produces out there.  Even so, Our Actions are operated by the very same Actions Panel and the 'Automated/Batch' Panel that is inside of the Adobe Photoshop program.



  • Q4:  Have any Actions like yours ever been constructed or offered before?


    A:  No, I have never seen any of them, not like ours.  We do not know of any Actions that are like Our Image Processors or Applications and We know that We are the first to actually create a total system in using them.  Our Actions have a Complete Guide and Instructions Manual and most of Our Actions and their produce are nothing short of  'A True Miracle'.



  • Q5:  What exactly makes Creation Chips Actions different than any others?


    A:  Our Actions [make] and produce something 'Unique' for you today and always, and they will continually add and multiply new visual copyrighted designs for you basically at the simple click of a button.  The Actions function as a family unit of tools.  Look into our Free Actions Package and experiment and investigate and test to learn and know all about that what you have in there.



  • Q6:  Can we alter your Actions to custom fit them to our own needs, or what Actions may we alter and custom for ourselves?


    A:  When you have the Free Action Set Folder or Package or when you have purchased an Action from Us it is yours to use.  However, it will take plenty of time at learning to be able to alter them correctly so that they will function how you want them to.


    Do not alter Our Actions until you know how to do it correctly over time, and always keep your Original Actions Original and separate somewhere safely backed up.  Only alter Copies of Actions that are made from the Originals and change the names of the altered Action Sets if you intend to save them back to any folder.



  • Q7:  Why does not anyone else [make] and sell Actions similar to yours that anyone can purchase?


    A:  Actions or code strings are easy to make and record but 'Building Actions correctly in an order so that they will Function and Produce on all opened image files is extremely complicated.


    There have been Many Mighty Locks that have been set upon the Actions Panel and the 'Automate/Batch' Panel so that you can not, may not and shall not use them.  However this came about to be so, 'Now' Creation Chip has the Master Key and have opened all the locks and from this point on you can, may and shall [make] use of the Actions Panel and the 'Automate/Batch' Panel.



  • Q8:  Can I run my own designs through your Actions?  Will they work or process through also?


    A:  Yes.  Our Actions are made, meant and constructed especially so to process upon all of your image designs or photographs.  First be sure to convert all of your image files to PSD document types, and 'Crop' them to any 'square' image size if they are rectangular.  After the image or photograph files are cropped or are made to be square then process the Action of 'Beast Clear' on them and especially do this if the image files are not already PSD files. Then save the image file(s)  back to a folder before you begin to process Our Actions on those saved original image files.  From then you can make use of the 'File/Revert' command and after this you are ready to 'Go' and then you will have the least amount of problems with Creation Chip Action processing that can occur.



  • Q9:  May we sell your Free Action Package?


    A:  Our Free Action Package is meant to be 'Free' to everyone, but to assist anyone to get started correctly is better and it should be done with you having matured knowledge and skills at what it is that you are doing first.  Only download directly from Us the 'Free' Action Set Package for someone, and let them physically see you do it or have them to do it because it is a Fresh Original.  Assist them to set up their Build Area in Photoshop that is for the best efficiency.  Point out to them the Actions Panels' necessary but unnamed 'Build Mode' versus the named 'Button Mode'.  Show them where the 'Guide and Instructions Manual' begin and how to find its' location.  This is very important to know as so the locations of the particular folders or Actions Sets 'Classifications'.  Point out important major necessary commands in Photoshop such as the 'File/Revert' command and 'Select/All, Edit/Copy, File/New, Edit/Paste' chain of commands.  Teach them some constructive Stacking Action Lessons and give up to them anything more that you may have of knowledge about Creation Chip Actions and about Adobe Photoshop.  Instruct to them of what to do in case of a 'Program Freeze' that can, may or will happen when processing with many long Actions and large stacks of images.  Doing these things should be worth some just pay for your Operation Time.


    The Action Code Commands in Our Free Package are meant for beginning off with all of those Actions being Authentic and Certified, pure and unaltered from Us.  Our Actions are always meant to be from the original source, untampered with in any way when they are given away as Free or when Purchased.  The Actions and Action Sets that are in the Free Action Package are part of Our Total Action Family System and they are worth even more when they are combined with any Purchased Set Packages.


    After downloading Our Free Action Set Package then you will get and have our Authentic Unaltered Certified Actions, and it is best that if you intend to alter the code in them that you do it knowingly for only yourself and not sell them or pass them along to anyone else because there would never be an absolute certainty by the receiver of the Actions that the Actions in that 'Free Set' has not been altered in any kind of way.



  • Q10:  May we alter any of Creation Chips Actions and then sell them?


    A:  You can and may alter any of Our Actions that you own as long as you please but selling them to another person is not ever a good idea because surely the person who does the altering may not yet know what it is that they are doing.  They can, could and may create mischievous code knowingly or unknowingly that is not good and certified for anyone else but themselves.


    Never purchase Actions that 'are or may not be' altered by others.  Vital command code can and may be missing from the Actions or 'Action Pods' that are needed and are necessary and are vital for correct and exact processing.


    Any Actions' Command Code can and could be intentionally altered or done mischievously causing damage, harm and very much frustration.  Any new functions or processes that you would create from altering many of Our Actions can and may have already been designed and built by Us correctly with intelligence, knowledge and skill and they are already saved somewhere in Our Libraries under some obscure name.


    Creation Chip Actions that are purchased from Us are not harmful in any way but they help refine raw commands in Photoshop.  When We build Our Action Code We have seriously taken into account and consideration all or every possible issue, situation and view so that We know what safety precautions must or should be taken in utilizing the particular Action Set or Action, therefore We have backup command codes inside many of Our 'Action Pods' and the code would not be obvious to anyone as to why that particular code is in the Action Pod or why the particular code is not.


    Even so, by Us taking all and every precaution, we cannot backup or cover for intentional or unintentional changes that are made in the Programs' Action Code that is done by Adobe intentionally or unintentionally.  Our Actions are done finished built correctly, proofed and safe for all.



  • Q11:  Can we use your Actions in other imaging applications or programs other than Adobe Photoshop to process our images or designs with?


    A:  No, I don't think so.  Creation Chip Actions are or were built and designed inside of Adobe Photoshop and it has the chosen and Elected Actions Panel.



  • Q12:  Is there more to your Actions than we can immediately or obviously see?


    A:  Absolutely, but it will obviously take skills and time to understand and visualize any additional functions that are in most of Our Actions.



  • Q13:  How long does it take to learn to use the Free Actions and produce copyrights?


    A:  Some of Our Free Actions such as the 'Create A Chip' Actions can and will produce unique copyrightable images for you today and they can add to all and any designs anytime.  The images that you process upon must be PSD document types and cropped to a 'square', and once that they all are then you will be able to process with Our Actions much faster.  Most of Our Actions are [make] Actions, they will [make] and or do a Described Function on an image selection.   Some Actions such as Our Stacking Actions could take you a day or two at practicing for you to learn to Proper Order 'Layers on Stacks', this also means learning to pay close attention to the 'Layers Panel'.  Some Actions will naturally require some growing skills and time to master that particular type.



  • Q14:  Do your Actions only produce balanced textile chip design types?


    A:  No.  We have many various other Actions and they also are well refined.  Many of Our Actions work as 'Functions' that are meant to complete multi-step processes that leads to a Conclusion Product that does not exist in Photoshop or anywhere else.  The commands are already there in Photoshop to do it but the Completed Step Processes to a conclusion or to a Done Finished Product are not.  Completed Processes does and will take many steps and some take many many steps that cannot easily be remembered again by anyone.


    Some examples of these Actions are Our Stacking Actions that Stack and Unstack Images in various ways because there is no one single way to do it.  We also have Amazing Actions that will 'Shuffle" your images that are on a Stack and the layers can be ordered and made back to be single layer image files in an Ordered folder.


    We have many Actions that will process 'Selections' that are made upon images being on Stacked Layers and those Actions that will Rotate Images and Active Selections with them having Full Backgrounds after the Rotations and We are the first to do this having proofs about it, and yet we have not licensed out or given permission to any business or company to copycat Our Action Processes and Techniques.  Our Actions are Far Superior developed and refined.  It is true anyone would want to be the proud owners of Our Processes.


    Our Full Background Rotators or 'Rotars' are Advanced and have been many years in Our Making and they are Superior also and they are the best that can be had.  We have even still Farther Superior Actions that will [make] and build every Geometric Star Point or 'Shape Type' from any Active Selection Outline and We have Actions that will process all images into pattern layouts.  We also have Refined Filter Actions and We have New Unique Processes called 'Photo Screens' and 'Photo Light Boxes' and 'Balanced Screen Hole Sets'.  We have the Actions that will do almost every multi-step command and maneuver,  We have all the Master  Actions.  Many of these Actions are in our Free Action Set Package.



  • Q15:  What else is there about your Actions that I should really know about?


    A:  All of Our Actions are also Learning Tools for children or the youth.  Almost all of our 'Action Sets' have clear instructions inside of them and information that is always valuable.  The Code Commands of any particular Action Application are always ready and available to anyone to experiment and manipulate on, the Command Codes are in every Action Pod.


    Our Actions, after being 'played' or processed upon an open selected Image File can and may be played back or stepped backward on or stepped forward on in these directions so as to figure out how they are or were built and put together.  Our Actions are intelligently built with skill by Masters and the Actions are designed to do mostly all of your math calculations, and Our 'PBM Cutters' will do your trigonometry problems.


    By using Our Actions you hardly ever have to do any complicated math equations and this includes Image Sizing and Resolution Settings.  We have standardized Image Processing and 'Processors' whereas Our Actions will function and work for everyone and on most all Image Sizes and Resolutions.


    Most of Our Stacking Actions will 'Proper' Order and Name Layers on Stacks so that these layers may be processed further on along with other of Our Actions and it be done correctly.  Our Actions are surprisingly simple to use and We have every kind of Necessary and Useful Action that can complete a Described Function or process.


    The Main Feature of Our Actions is that at anytime when you use them you will always Save Countless Hours of Time.  The moves or the steps in our Actions can,  could, will and would take any Professional Designer months and even years to complete and that is if they could complete the task at all.  You will always gain and save time using Creation Chips' Actions and you will always Produce Something Worthwhile.  Download our Free Action Set package to sample them and to see for yourself.  You will never have more constructive and creative fun anywhere other than Image Processing with Creation Chip Actions in Adobe Photoshop.  Every New Image that is [made] by Our Actions have never been seen by anyone in the Universe before.


    When you purchase an Action Set from Us understand that you are only paying for the 'Feature Actions' in that Set.  Most of our Action Sets contain more Actions in the Set than just the 'Feature Actions' and the Extra Actions are Free.  Many of the Free Extra Actions are presented in that Set only and they are not available or sold by us anywhere else or in any other Action Set.




  • Q1:  How do I file a copyright or fill out a copyright form?


    A:  Consult or contact the United States Copyright Office.


  • Q2:  How long does a 'Visual Art' [VA] Copyright last?


    A:  I am not completely sure, but they are good for 70 years past the death of the owner of the copyright.  Consult the United States Copyright Office for all clearer details.



  • Q3:  What exactly are your copyrights or the rights that you take claim to?


    A:  Everything that We do We created it from scratch and took from no one elses' instructions.  It is 'Unique', the total of what We do.  We have been developing on Our Ideal Model since 1974.  Since then We have had many close encounters with many others and many of Our Models' ways have rubbed off onto others and they look to be Us.  When you are able to understand the Superiority of Creation Chip Action processes then you will be able to locate and tell where all of their models originated from.


    Obviously Our rights, In particular, is Our Guide and Instructions Manual, Our Classifications and Our Action Set Instructions, all are written [TXT] documents that are referring to Creation Chip Actions and they are Our Copyright.  Our Actions are 'Recipes' intelligently worked out, built and constructed functions that work producing something 'New' and these have been being built over many years of time.  Many of Our processes have long been known by the Government about Us and it is on record.  We told the President that We would Help Fix It and that's just what We have done is Fix It.


    Our 'Michaelangelos' or Creation Chip Movies are Our Copyrights and all of our Balanced Pattern Board Designs and Our 'Photo Screens'.  Our Copyrights includes every image that We process and [make] with Our Own Actions.




  • Q1:  What is your return policy on purchased items?


    A:  Once the purchased Creation Chip Actions are downloaded from Us they are copied to your desktop or hard drive and then saved permanently there by you, and thus then making that Purchased Item qualify for a 'No Return' Policy.  No matter what you do after the download you can't return it to us because you will still have it and all that we issue function correctly and is unique and 'one of a kind'.



  • Q2:  Do I get more than just one download of the Purchased Item after I have paid for it?


    A:  Yes.  This would be a case where either you lost your Originals or your Original files, or the Code in the Original Files have somehow become contaminated and untrustworthy.  Upon purchasing any product from Us all customers will receive an immediate download link and also an E-Mail with two remaining downloads.  Always keep your Original Actions 'Original" and keep them stored safe from anyones altering and tampering with.




  • Q1:  Are the designs on your Free Image Download Stack copyright protected?


    A:  No, The designs on Our Free Image Download Stack are Unique and are not meant by us to be copyright protected even though they are our created visual designs.  The designs are meant for anyone for whatever reason.  They may not have enough designs of their own to start experimenting and learning with, and We give to anyone these top of the line High Quality Designs Free and they are also Sample Products of what Our Actions can and will do.  Also the Image Stack is PSD and it is ready and prepared to be processed on by Our Actions.  We have intentionally 'Shuffled' the images that are on the Free Image Stack.


    Anyone may download the Free Image Stack and use the designs on it to build and to select from when using our Free Actions Package.  There are beautiful and unique designs on the Free Stack.  The Stacked Image Designs, when altered in ways with Our various Actions, can become unique one of a kind visual images.  All altered or changed images can be combined by twos and laid on our 'Balanced Pattern Boards'.  All of the images on the stack can be abstracted from or pieces may be cut out of them, or the entire image may be processed by any 'Create A Chip' Action.  If an image is significantly changed then it will become unique and a 'one of a kind' copyrightable visual creation or design.


    The designs that are on our Gallery Free Download Image Stack are basically Our Copyrights until you use and change them to be A New and Unique Image then the Image Design becomes yours.  Creation Chip has numerous Actions that are meant to create New Chip Design Types and to add and to multiply them.



  • Q2:  Are the gallery designs and the designs on the Free Download Stack one of a kind?


    A:  Yes they all are.  All designs that We will ever present will be 'one of a kind'.


  • Q3:  Are the gallery designs free for me to copy and download and use freely?


    A:  You might not be able to download the gallery image designs but you can download Our Free Image Stack.  The Image Designs that are on the Free Download Stack are just as unique and has a quality just the same as our Gallery Image Designs.  There are many more designs on the Free Image Stack than there are in all Our galleries combined.


    Do not try to copyright any of the Stacked Image Layers in their present form until you have significantly changed them in ways that are different from any way that someone else might change them using any of Our Actions.  Though, you may use the Original Image stack Designs however you please.



  • Q4:  What kinds of things can or may I do with the free stack of image designs?


    A:  You can utilize them in many different ways by using Our Actions.  You can change them and combine them with your own designs.  You can process pieces or selections out of them.  You can lay them into unique patterns and you can experiment, test and try Our Actions on them.  There are many things that can be done with the Images that We are allowing you, but do not file copyrights on the original designs, everyone could do that.



  • Q5:  How often do you change your galleries and the Free Image Download Stack?


    A:  Our Free Image Download Stacks' Images and the Gallery Images are and always will be different and all of them are 'one of a kind'.  The Gallery Images are meant just for quick viewing and there are more images on the Free Image Download Stack than there are in all of our galleries combined.  There could possibly at times be Image Design Types on the Free Image Stack that are not like the images that are in our Galleries.


    We intend to change Our Gallery Images once per year and We have uploaded Our final Free Image Download Stack File.



  • Q6:  Can I take the designs from the Free Image Stack and lay them on Balanced Pattern Boards and then copyright them?


    A:  No, do not.  Realize and understand that everyone could do this and then everyone could or would possibly be copyrighting the same related patterns and designs.  We have very many Balanced Pattern Board designs though that arrange any two designs into many different numerous Beautiful Balanced Patterns.


    Your main objective then would be to use methods and techniques to change our Free Chip Designs while utilizing our many various Actions in combinations and in various different orders and ways to get to A Unique Image Profile, Result or Type that no one else may have yet mastered or thought of and the task is not at all that difficult when you are using Creation Chip Actions.  Our 'Create A Chip' Actions will completely change any image out of recognition and also at the same time add [make] and produce A New Unique Copyrightable Image.



  • Q7:  May I take Balanced Schematic Boards then lay them on Balanced Schematic Boards and then own and keep the copyrights?


    A:  No.  We own the copyrights to the refined Balance Patterns or Schematic Code Boards.  The majority of these boards are presented Free to you as a reference and for any other use you may need them for such as laying 'Your' Copyrighted Chip Designs onto them into any particular pattern using Our Actions to layout and [make] the complex arrangements, then those you may own.  We [make] all of our basic Balanced Pattern Boards for you at the easy push of a button.



  • Q8:  What are the 10,000 Blank Sequence Files in your gallery, What are they for?


    A:  The Blank Sequence File 'Download' are files for anyones' use who does 'Automate/Batch Processing in Photoshop.  Properly Sequence Ordering image files is not an easy task to do no matter how you try to do them.  Sequenced Ordered Image Files will process through the Batch Panel in the correct exact processing order.  The copied from Blank Files are mainly meant to be used to paste opaque images onto them, and We have Actions that will copy opaque images from off of Stack Files and paste them onto Blank Image Files or any Image Files being in a folder.  Our Guide and Instructions Manual, in Our Free Actions Package, can explain this subject more clearly.  After you have downloaded the Blank Sequence Files and have opened them into Photoshop then go to 'Image/Image Size'.  There you will see that the 'Files' sizes' are 2 Pixels by 2 Pixels.  The sizes of all files in the folder has to be changed to 1x1 Inch 'Square' 720 Resolution for you to be able to use them with Our Actions.  To change all of the images in the Folder to be in ready condition to process with Our Actions then utilize the 'File/Automate/Batch Panel' and 'Play' or Process the Action of 'Beast Clear' on the 'Folder' of Blank Image Files.  We have further Instructions that are meant to Guide and teach you along the way.




  • Q1:  If Adobe Photoshop changes or upgrades to a new program version can the change effect the functioning of our free or purchased Actions?


    A:  Yes, absolutely, and Adobe Photoshop should know that.  Their changes or upgrades definitely can change Our Actions' precision functioning, and this is a true reality and a risk that you must be ready and willing to take before you ever purchase any of Creation Chip Actions.  We always enhance, refine and upgrade the Adobe Photoshop program enormously in ways that no one else can do and we do it in all good will for every one of Adobes' customers.


    We also [make] the program easier so that it always multiply and produce professionally and Our Motto is, "To the exact pixel".  Our Actions create and [make] the most beautiful designs for anyone who may use the Photoshop program.  And Now, because of us, the program is doing things that it never did before and it is doing things unheard of ever before.


    Adobe Photoshops' changes and upgrades having an effect on Creation Chip Actions already have, can and could happen again and it could possibly happen in every new version of Photoshop from today on until forever.  But We don't think that the Adobe Corporation could or would be quite so unnecessarily mean to all and anyone who use Our Actions to [make], but yes, it can, have and could happen.


    But it's all OK, and you can continue feeling very secure about Our Actions' correct functioning in Photoshop if and when minor or major changes are being made there in the Action Code because we have tested each and every single one of our Actions for its' correct and exact functioning in all of Adobe Photoshop program versions starting with Photoshop CS5.1 up to its' current and most recent version which is Photoshop 2024 (64 bit), It was published on the date of 09/13/2023.


    After testing, all of Our Actions functioned correctly and exactly as designed in the following Adobe Photoshop versions.


    * Photoshop CS5.1 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CS6 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CC (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CC 2014 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CC 2015 (64 bit)---This version has a malfunction in the Actions Panel but No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CC 2015.5 (64 bit)--This 'New' version has a 'Very Serious' malfunction when processing with Creation Chip Actions

    * Photoshop CC 2017 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CC 2018 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop CC 2019 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop 2020 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop 2021 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions

    * Photoshop 2022 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions. But there is an error concerning the Typeset on some of the created Classification pages. When Our Classification actions are finished playing in this program, the Typeset is no longer correct to how We originally programmed the action text and some paragraph lines are falling out of the area bounds.

    * Photoshop 2023 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions. But there is an error concerning the Typeset on some of the created Classification pages. When Our Classification actions are finished playing in this program, the Typeset is no longer correct to how We originally programmed the action text and some paragraph lines are falling out of the area bounds.

    * Photoshop 2024 (64 bit)---No malfunctions when processing with Creation Chips' Actions. But there is an error concerning the Typeset on some of the created Classification pages. When Our Classification actions are finished playing in this program, the Typeset is no longer correct to how We originally programmed the action text and some paragraph lines are falling out of the area bounds.


    **Photoshop CC 2015---This version of Photoshop will cut off the endings of Creation Chips' longer running Actions.  It will only cut off the longer Actions' code endings 'Visually' in the Actions Panel whereas you cannot read the 'Action Pods' code beyond a certain length or depth in the Actions Panel.  Obviously this makes reading the 'Action Pods'' internal code impossible.  Most seriously this would mean that Our longer running Actions' Code cannot be altered or manipulated in those particular 'Action Pods' because you cannot see what it is you are doing.  Though, all of Our Actions' processing does function correctly as designed in this program.


    **Photoshop CC 2015.5---This recent version of Photoshop must or should not ever be used to do any of Creation Chip Action processing with.  The program will cause you very much confusion and very much frustration when processing with Our Actions.  We do not understand Adobes' 'Intent' with the particular version.  This version has A Very Serious Flaw or Malfunction that has never existed in any other version of Photoshop before it.  The program version preassumes a world where no one ever uses Actions.  The Actions Panel is the very 'Heart of Photoshop'.  In other words the 'New' program version 'Locks Out or Prevents" anyone from using Creation Chip Actions in it.


    The Malfunction is caused by the [make] code.  This particular [make] code is the very same code command as 'File/New' under the main menu of 'File' in Photoshop.  'File/New' is located as the very first code command in the Photoshop program and it is first in almost every program.  Selecting and 'playing' the particular code command is meant to [make] or to Manifest or Open a 'New' Document File into the programs' Build Area or Workspace Area.


    Now, unlike all other previous versions of Photoshop, this version will cause a dialog box to open and the Processing Action to 'Quit' if and when the code is processed in Any Particular Action or 'Action Pod' that has the code in it and the problem is the most serious of its' kind for any Action Operator or Builder who always need the code to function correctly without 'Quitting' to get or to [make] any benefit out of the Actions Panel or Photoshop.  When you pay for the Photoshop program you are 'Automatically' supposed to get benefit out of the Actions' Panel and the 'Automate/Batch' Panel because they are 'The Heart' of Photoshop.


    All of Our Actions over the long years have been built and constructed from scratch and all were built and tested to never flaw when they are 'played' in any Photoshop version.  Mostly all of Our Best Evolved Actions have the [make] or 'File/New' code command interior their 'Pods' and this has become known by Adobe somehow.  It is the most critical code inside almost every Creation Chip [make] Action and the code is necessary there for Our Actions to always 'PRODUCE' for our clients or for any operators of our Actions.


    The Malfunction that is in the 'File/New' or [make] code of this Photoshop version will cause 'A Quit' of the Action processing after the Action has actually been' played' to process some 'Selection'.  The 'File/New' or [make] code command is planted or it is stationed many times in Our Actions and in many Actions it is purposely to be 'played' to [make] new files again and again.  The programs' 'File/New' [make] code is supposed to always [make] to "The Exact and single pixel".


    In all previous versions of Photoshop the code has never Quit an Action in process before.  In this  version of Photoshop, when used to process Our Actions, the versions' Actions Panel will cause a 'Quit' of the Action Application every time that the 'File/New' or [make] code command is 'played' or processed through and a dialog box will open in Photoshop quitting the Action many times with the dialog box opening on every occasion for some unnecessary input to 'OK' and you must continue to do this to the end of the Actions processing to 'Produce' anything.  We will not 'Quit' from building Our Excellent Processors that are needed by all operators of the Adobe Photoshop Program.


    Normally when any Action is played having the vital code there are never any 'Quits' and this holds true for 'ALL' previous versions of Photoshop.  But clearly understand that Adobe Photoshop does not belong to Us and We will not be calling their shots or take any blame for them and their products malfunctions.  They will always call their own shots and they are the ones who are supposed to fix it when they troubleshoot something wrongfully.  It is their duty and responsibility to inform all of their clients about the seriousness of the [make]  Command Code Malfunction and what is being done about it because their clients or subscribers are paying for it monthly.


    It is also Our Duty and Responsibility to inform the clients of Our Products.  Adobes' coders or engineers may very well not know or understand how them changing the major 'Action Code' effects the entire program and all Action Operations and 'Operators' that use the program.  We hope that they do care and are concerned about their customers [making] something finally.


    Changing the Major 'Action Code' is never ever a good idea it can and do effect all users of the Photoshop Product.  Adobe Photoshop may not hardly understand any of Creation Chip Actions or they may not understand any Action, and they probably have no terms or definitions or descriptions to express or relay any kind of communications about any of them, but We do.


    Keep watch at our 'Recent and Current Events' then you will see and know that what We say is correct.  We are sure that Adobe Photoshop builders and operators and engineers are intelligent and they have foreseen many kinds of potential problems and they have always made special backups and plans for the really hard issues.


    We feel that an instant, complete and total recall should be in Order for the '2015.5' version of Adobe Photoshop.  It cannot [make] or produce with Actions for anyone, therefore it has no real value.  The Actions Panel and the 'Automate/Batch' Panel is the processing working heart of Photoshop, and the 'File/New' [make] code is the very first command in the open program or in opening the program.  We rate or give the grade of an [F-] to this particular version of Adobe Photoshop.  Do not use this program version to process Creation Chip Actions with until the problem has been totally fixed in it.  We intend to alert and inform you to their Fix.


    When you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, this allows you to download 'all' or any of the above pre-mentioned Photoshop versions.  Always use a version of the Photoshop program that is described above that will not cause flaws or malfunctions in Our or Your Actions processing and productions.  We do intend to keep you informed about this 'Serious' matter, and we will post pertinent information regarding Adobes' any next 'New' upgrade and how the version may effect Creation Chip Actions and Operators in the future.


    Previous Photoshop versions in Creative Cloud app.


  • Q2:  What exactly is a chip or a textile design chip?


    A:  First a Chip is a piece off the Ancient Abstract Block.  After refinements, such as 'Pairing' an abstract becomes a Perfectly Balanced Textile Design Chip and it is constructed from random unbalanced abstract opaque pixelated image selections.


    Our kind of Chip Types have long ago been established by Us to be the Most Versatile Type of textile design and they are the Best Quality and they have Highest Potential Value that any textile design can have.  We designed the Chip from scratch back in the beginning and We have proofs of their 'Evolved' stages and of their developments or evolutions over the many years.


    Normally textile designs are laid and patterned to be 'Printed' on various textiles such as cloth for clothing and linens or gift wrap or floor tiles or wall paper or anything like this and similar.  Mostly all of Our Chip Design Actions produce 'Perfectly Balanced' textile designs and We are obviously the originators of the Copyrighted Style and System and the copyright goes back to at least the year 1988.  Do try to realize and understand that this date is before Adobe Photoshop was ever born.  Investigate further for yourself so as to be wisely informed.  Our 'Pair and Balancer' Actions and our 'PBM Cutters' or Geometric Action Sets are 'Far Superior' than anything like unto them.


    You may view examples of Our Textile Design Chips from Our Website Gallery and you may download Our 'Free Image Stack' of complex and unique image design types that are very rare to come by.



  • Q3:  Are all of Creation Chips' Action produced designs really truly 'one of a kind', or are they just the same image designs having only color and hue changes?


    A:  Once you begin to test and try Our Free Actions and gain skill and understanding about them then you too will come to see and know on your own that no two images will ever be alike that are produced by Our Actions unless the exact same opaque pixelated image selection is 'played' or processed upon using the exact same Action.  At times this will also be true whenever you use some Actions to process upon 'Paired and Balanced' Images, you then will get copies that are the same.


    Almost everyone has a camera nowadays and everyone has photographs saved.  The photographs in any single persons camera is completely unlike those that are in any other camera.  When considering 'Cropping' an image and factoring in random opaque pixelation selections and degree rotations and any sizing and distances then no two images are alike that will be processed by Our Actions.  A miracle of the Photoshop program is that at any time 'It will [make] for you only an exact copy or duplicate'.  All of the images that are in your camera can be processed by Our Actions to create new never seen before Unique Images.


    The purpose of our business is to create the absolute best 'Paired' and Balanced Geometric Image Processors that will construct and produce all images different so that all images that are produced from them will naturally be 'one of a kind'.  All images that We present are 'one of a kind' and this is quite easy for Us to do.  All of Our Images are made from scratch, We have been long at this skill and technique.  We are the Original Builders and Masters or Originators of it.



  • Q4:  Do you sell your design chips or Actions outside of the United States?


    A:  No, We do not sell actions outside of the U.S.A.  Although, everyone can now license Our Textile Design Chips at


    We specialize in the image processors or applications that will actually [make] and produce them being done professional, unique, and copyrightable or 'one of a kind'.  Our Actions' 'Guide and Instructions Manual' and our Actions' 'Classifications' are also Unique and they are done only in English.  But our Free Packages are Free to download for everyone.



  • Q5:  What is a Michaelangelo?


    A:  A 'Michaelangelos' is a Creation Chip Movie Reproduction.  It is a restoration in color of an old Public Domain Film, usually it is a 'black and white' film but we also do Public Domain Color Films.  Our Michaelangelos is a Michaelangelo.



  • Q6:  Please define the elements of the free download stacked image document or file that we would be downloading from you?


    A:  The image documents are equalized or they are made neutral in: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and vibrance.  This is done purposefully by us in our design of the chips so to give you charge and control of the maximum range of the 'Image/Adjustments' commands in Photoshop.


    All images that are on the PSD Stacked Image Document file are 1x1 inch, 720 resolution, 8 bit/channel, RGB, and the Document Type is PSD.  The PSD Image Layers on the stack and the stack are already prepared to be processed by mostly all of Our Actions without having to do any preparations.


    The above attribute description of the Free Download File is typical of most all of Our Actions' produce or their productions.  At times there can and may be up to a thousand image layers or images on the Free Download Stack and The memory or the weight of the document file can be between one to three gigabytes.  All of Our Image Stacks' Images are different and fresh and they all are well worth the downloading time that it takes to have them.



  • Q7:  What is the realistic market value of a textile design chip?


    A:  I do not know.  I have seen where the price of textile designs reach into the thousands of dollars each, and the ones that I have seen are nowhere to the quality or versatility of Our Image Chips.  Our Chips are extremely beautiful and perfectly designed 'exact to the pixel'.  We have many 'Schematics' or Balanced Pattern Code Board Actions that will process and lay your chip designs into many Balanced Pattern Arrangements.  You cannot get Our kind of pattern laying applications anywhere.


    All of our Created Chips are top of the line or they can evolve to the top of the line by using Our Actions, and all Chips that are [made] by Our Actions are the most professional that can possibly be done.  Your assignment is to enhance the images in many ways by making the best and right 'Selections'.



  • Q8:  What do you mean by a 'Perfectly Balanced Chip'?


    A:  The chip is made absolutely 'perfectly balanced to each and every pixel' in the image from all quadrants of the image.  The center of the image would be called 'Justified Center' and you would see the balanced form close up there.  Our 'Guide and Instructions Manual' does explain about this more in depth.



  • Q9:  Are all of your Action produced textile chip designs perfectly balanced?


    A:  No.  All of our Diagonal and Symmetrical Balancer Actions will produce 100% Perfectly Balanced Chip Types.  Our Premier Action Package, or 'PBM Cutters' will construct and [make] every Geometric Point or Shape Image Type from their processing.  The Set Package will [make] and produce a one point Geometric Image Design to [making] and producing a 360 point Geometric Image Design.  The Image Designs that are produced by this Set are approximately 99.9 percent balanced after they are [made] or produced.  There are Actions and ways to Perfectly Rebalance mostly all designs.  Consult our Guide Manual and the Classifications of our 'PBM Cutters' in the 'Geometrics' folder that is in the Free Action set folder for any more details.



  • Q10:  Do you really deliver the help that you promise?


    A:  Yes, We already have in our Free Action Set Package and We have in these FAQ Questions and Answers, and we will always deliver the help that we promise.



  • Q11:  What sort of trial period do we have to use your Free Action Package before we have to return it or the Action be closed down after the trial period?


    A:  The Actions in our Free Package have no trial period and they are never closed down whereas to force you to buy them.  Our Free Action Package is really Free to you today and always forever and the Actions in the Free Package will continually always make you New 'one of a kind' copyrights forever.


    We offer to you the only true Free product that there really is and it will perpetually produce something that is better and greater than a seed.  It is the same like A Free Seed that forever grows and it has the highest quality, value and worth that there is.



  • Q12:  Can I purchase only Seven Point Geometric image design types from your business?


    A:  Yes, Our 7 Point Geometrics and other chip types can now be licensed at and purchased on multiple product types at  You can also purchase the 'PBM Cutters' Action Set.  The set contains the Actions that will [make] all Point Geometric Images from 1 to 360.  By purchasing the entire Set you 'Save' then you have the tools needed to produce any Point Geometric Image Design at any time that you please, and forever.



  • Q13:  What will your free package of Actions do for me or who can use your product?


    A:  We do not know what 'exactly' Our Free Action Set Package will do for you in particular, but it will [make] you unique 'one of a kind' valid copyrights.  The Free Package is full of refined image applications that can be used for many different purposes.  We know and understand that Every Child or every single person or even Every Government can [make] a meaningful use from Our Action Products and they all will get the highest top quality professional products and results that is possible, everyone will.  Fresh copyrights is the most important issue that you should be concerned about because it is one of the most valuable rights that this country give to you.  You can own copyrighted images easily now if you have never ever owned them before, and you can always Will your creations to your children and to your grandchildren.



  • Q14:  What are the best Actions for me to purchase for making new chips, as regarding these Actions being the best deal for the price of my money?


    A:  By far your best deal for multiplying your images are the 'Create A Chip' Actions, they are our trademark.  They are similar in theory to a color pencil set and each 'Create A Chip' Action is built to function or to produce differently if they were all processed upon the same image file.  When utilizing the Actions Panel, the 'Create A Chip' Actions are an add [make] Action and when using the 'Automate/Batch' panel they are a multiply [make] Action.


    Images that are processed by the 'Create A Chip' Actions are completely changed out of recognition.  The Actions are built to give varying results especially when they are combined with other 'Create A Chip' Actions.  The 'Create A Chip' Actions would also be some of the the simplest of Our Actions to operate. With one 'Create A Chip' Action you can double every image that you own.



  • Q15:  Where do you get your Actions and chip designs from?


    A:  We make all of Our own Actions or Chip Designs from scratch and We always have utilizing the Actions Panels' Recorder to record moves of the programs' internal menu commands that are being in panels and tools in the Photoshop program.  Our Actions now are saved up recipes being in a Folder Library that We have.  We start processing opaque image selections from scratch and We build everything from scratch and sometimes We must start over from scratch.



  • Q16:  What are the requirements that we need in our computers to operate Creation Chips' Actions?


    A:  First you will need plenty of  'RAM' or as much as you can get into your computer.  This is best meant to handle any heavy loads.  You will need Photoshop CS5.1 (64 bit) or newer to access all of Our Actions and their commands.  Do not utilize the program version' of [Photoshop CC 2015.5] to process your image files with Our Actions until Adobe have fixed its' Serious Malfunction.



  • Q17:  Do we need any kind of external apparatus or device to hook up to so to be able to use your Actions?


    A:  No, you do not.  All you need to do to get started with Our Actions is to first have Adobe Photoshop.  If you do then simply double click on any particular Action Sets' Title Landing in the Creation Chip Folder, this will open the chosen and selected 'Action Set'.  The double clicked on Action Set will automatically open an Adobe Photoshop program that may be closed on your applications' desktop and this is if a Photoshop version is not already open.


    After or when Photoshop is opened the chosen and selected Action will be in the Actions Panel whether or not the Actions Panel is closed or open.  If the Actions Panel is closed then go to the 'Window' menu and click it, this will 'fall' the menu list.  On the list is 'Actions', next click and select it, this will open the Panel into Photoshop.  Inside of the Opened Actions Panel will be the chosen double clicked upon Action Set.


    The Actions Panel is set at default for it to open in 'Button Mode' but you cannot process with Our Actions in the Button Mode, therefore you must change the setting from the Actions Panel 'Button Mode' to the Actions Panel 'Build Mode', and there is not a "Build Mode" title description on the Action Panels 'fall/fold' menu list.  The Actions Panels' 'fall/fold' menu is located at near top right corner of the Actions Panel and it is symbolized by four short lines.


    Next click onto the Actions Panels' Menu Button then the menu list will 'fall'.  On the very top of the list is the selection or title of 'Button Mode' and there will be a checkmark to the left side of the Title Landing.  The checkmark means that 'Button Mode' is Activated in the panel.  You do not want to be in 'Button Mode', therefore then, click onto the 'Button Mode' title landing if it has a checkmark to the left side of it, the act will close the Actions Panels 'fall/fold' menu and this will put or set the Actions Panel into the 'Build Mode'.


    Afterwards, you are then where you are supposed to be with the chosen and selected Action Set being in the Actions' Panel and the Actions Panel being in 'Build Mode', now you are prepared to process with Creation Chip Actions.


    Next, 'Fall' the Action Sets' Title Landing by clicking directly onto the Arrowhead to the left of the Title Landing, then the Action Set will 'Fall' open.  All Actions that are in the Set will have checkmarks to the left of their Title Landings.  Checkmarks being to the left of any Title Landing means that the Title Landing is actually an Action.


    To 'Play' or to process with the Action then first open a PSD image file.  Next, click onto and select the Actions' Title Landing, it will 'highlight'.  Or another way to 'Play' the Action is to 'fall' the Actions' Title Landing by clicking directly onto the Arrowhead that is to the left of the Title Landing, this will 'Fall' the Action Pod'.  Then click and select the the very first 'Action Code Line' in the 'Pod' at the very top of the 'Pod' and it will 'highlight'.  Then, after doing either of the two ways of selecting the Action to be 'Played' then actually 'Play' the Action Selection by clicking and selecting the Actions Panels 'Play' Button that is located at the bottom right hand corner of the Actions Panel, it is symbolized by the 'Arrowhead'.  This in turn will 'Play' the Action to process the opened image file with.  To be able to 'Play' or to process with any Action or any Command in Adobe Photoshop you must first have an image file opened in the program.



  • Q18:  Did you get permission from Adobe to do what you do?


    A:  I do not understand where or why We would have to do that or why would anyone have to do it, or why would anyone even have to do it before using Our Actions.  Our Actions are very complex constructions, formulas and recipes or tools that are built by Us and they require many well calculated moves or steps to get a particular image processing job or function done finished top professionally, and the moves or the steps of the Action Application does not exist anywhere in Photoshop and never have.  Our Actions are not 'one step at a time' commands that do not produce anything.


    Adobe Photoshop does not offer Our kind of a [make] production to you nor can the program itself offer it to you or help show you what it is that you can or must do with Actions or how to do any of it.


    If you went to a hardware store and you bought a hammer and some nails and a saw and then you went and built a home or you built many homes with the tools.  Afterwards building the home(s)  with the tools then those homes 'Do not' in any way belong to the hardware store.  Nor can the hardware store sell you the tools to do a claimed job and then put permanent chains, locks and pillows upon them that are preventing you from using the tools correctly to build and to [make]  for your own benefit and profit what you please from them.  Nor this be done after you have paid for the tools to do 'any' specific jobs or tasks. The hardware store did not build the hammer, nails and saw they only stocked their store with them and other manufacturers' tools.



  • Q19:  How many computers can we use Creation Chip Actions on?


    A:  Two.  The question would go back to the producers of the Adobe Photoshop Program and their licensing agreement with you of using only two computers per license agreement.  Any differences is that when you purchase Our Actions only once Then they belong to you.



Creation Chip Movies

  • Q1:  What are Creation Chip Movies?


    A:  Creation Chip Movies are called 'Michaelangelos'.  All of our 'Michaelangelos' are restored 'Public Domain' black and white old films or movies.  We can resurrect any old dead 'clear' black and white movie or any dead color 'clear' ones that are Brand New or Old.  Our 'Michaelangelos' are unique never ever done before 'one of a kind' super beautiful masterpieces.



  • Q2:  Are your 'Michaelangelos' unique and 'one of a kind'?


    A:  Yes they are, every one.  Take a look all over the world to see if you can find a single restored black and white reproduction that is anything like any one of ours.



  • Q3:  Do you rent out your 'Michaelangelos' or sell their DVDs anywhere?


    A:  No, we do not.  At the moment We only supply free downloaded copies of our Originals.  We just simply want for you to own the 'Michaelangelos' with an agreement that they not be copied or sold or distributed.



  • Q4:  Are your movies imported?


    A:  All of Our Movies are probably important but they are developed or done by Us Creation Chip here in the USA.



  • Q5:  Do you use your own Actions inside of the Adobe Photoshop program to make the Creation Chip Movies, or can it be done there?


    A:  Yes, we use Our own Actions to restore Old Movies.  What We do is complex though and it is not easy for anyone to complete or to do, but using our Actions does save us large amounts of time.  It will take determination, devotion, time and many combined skills to do what We do.  But yes, Creation Chips Movies are all  developed and processed completely inside of Adobe Photoshop, and are they not the Most Beautiful Masterpieces that you have ever seen in the world, in your life?



  • Q6:  How do you compare and rate your own movies?


    A:  As in regards to the subject of 'Restorations of old black and white films', We rate them A+++ or We rate Our 'Michaelangelos' as the highest quality there has ever been.  Every Frame in our 'Michaelangelos' is A Beautifully Done Masterpiece.  Compare our kind of movies to any of the 'Clear' movies that has always been out there whether they are old or brand new.  See that everyone else only has and have only had 'Clear' forever.


    Creation Chips' uniquely done movie reproductions or restorations at least equals any new or old movie.  We possibly have the best class of an Artistic Fine Art Style that there is and Our potential of development is greater than all the studios' in all the Hollywoods combined.  Our 'Michaelangelos' are many times More Unique and More Beautiful.



  • Q7:  What is the file type of the Creation Chip Movies that I will be downloading, and what do I need to play the movie?


    A:  All of Our 'Michaelangelos' are delivered as MP4 Video Files (.mp4) and they can be played within all MP4 Video Players.  There are a large number of free MP4 Player Downloads available 'Online' for most all computer operating systems.



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